In 1998, in a discussion with West Point Classmates who studied nuclear engineering together, it became clear that oil-wars since 1991 would continue so long as America was funding enemies with oil-dollars. So began an effort to build solar-powered mobility networks.

Key points discovered in this 21-year effort:

    • Solar-powered mobility networks are 10-50 times less expensive than oil-powered roads.
    • Governments are essential to coerce compliance with law.
      • Innovation is a compliance failure.
    • To have good governance and innovation the US and most State Constitutions forbid the government transportation monopolies.
    • Federal violation of the Constitution since The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1916 caused oil-wars, oil-dollar funded terrorism, and Climate Change.
    • President Wilson violating the Constitution by monopolizing communications on Aug 1, 1918 resulted in nearly a century of rotary telephones and the suppression of innovation. After liberty was restored in 1982 millions of jobs were created digitizing communications networks.
    • How digital transportation can solve urban traffic problems has been well understood since Morgantown’s PRT network opened in 1972.
    • Mobility and power network will digitize as did communication networks as soon as liberty to innovate is restored.
    • Most of the $1.7 trillion/year Americans spend on traffic can be converted to jobs, customer savings, and profits once liberty is restored.

If you are interested in helping restore liberty to innovate sustainable infrastructure,  we look forward to hearing from you!

Bill James

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