I do not believe in Climate Change?

Fine, you do not need to believe in Climate Change. You can help those wanting to:

  • End foreign oil addiction.
  • Answer the calls to action of eight Presidents to end foreign oil addiction.
  • Stop mortgaging the future labor of children with$27 trillion in Federal debt to buy foreign oil.
  • Solve traffic congestion and potholes.
  • Convert $1.7 trillion/year traffic costs into jobs and value.
  • End perpetual oil-wars sacrificing soldiers.
  • Shift from resource depletion to sustainability.

These defects and Climate Change are each a facet from the same cause.

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I believe in Climate Change and want to end it!

Start by reading the book, The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery.

Gradualism failed to end Federal support for slavery and is failing to end Climate Change. Federal support for slavery ended with a signature, repeat that success:

  • Immediately stop all Federal taxing to subsidize oil/coal-burning infrastructures.
  • Immediately enforce the Constitution's "post Roads" and "Ports" Clauses to end Federally mandated oil/coal-burning infrastructures.
  • Restore liberty to innovate digital transportation and power infrastructures.
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Cause of Climate Change

FDR's New Deal triggered Climate Change. The Green New Deal will amplify that trigger:

  • In 1935 the New Deal removed energy self-reliance and sustainability as market forces. It wiped out the entire renewable energy industry in favor of coal burning monopolies, 600,000 windmills were abandoned.
  • Since The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944 removed efficiency as a market force, 46% of 400+ ton-mpg railroads were replaced by the 25 mpg efficiency of the Model-T.
  • Not since President Nixon has any President or Congress done anything to solve Climate Change and end oil wars.
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Since 1993

Liberty is the source of the "general welfare"

Liberty is the source of the "general welfare" through tolerance of Disruptive Minorities offering choices, and the Wisdom of the Many sorting choices a Darwinian crucible of free markets and speech.

The US Constitution and most State Constitutions have clauses that specifically forbid government transportation monopolies. The Boston Tea Party was a revolt against a government transportation monopoly so in the decade of Constitution writing associated with the Revolution, care was taken to forbid such monopolies. In the US Constitution, this restriction is specifically stated in the Preamble, post Roads, Ports, Amendments 9 and 10.

Existing Constitutions provide the tools to immediately end funding for Climate Changing infrastructure monopolies.


Action: Free Market Green Deal...

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